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Crab, wakame and oriental condiments rillettes

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M&C Asia invites you to discover the Atelier du Cuisinier Crab rilettes, a premium product.

Feisty crustacean, the crab has a firm and tasty flesh that blends beautifully with the spices and condiments.

To be served chilled. Ideal as an appetizer with fresh bread (baguette) and according to your taste with sliced lemon.  A classic of the French “Appero”.

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Product Description

Crab, wakame and oriental condiments , without preservative, jar of 80g.

Ingredients :

cream, crab meat 28%, haddock, mushroom, ginger, lemon, nuoc-mam, pepper, seaweed (wakame 0,4%, agar agar), herbs..Use-by date: 3 years

French Name: Crabe, Wakamé etcondiments d’orient