Velvet crab soup

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Inshore fishing boats working out of Loguivy de la Mer on Brittany’s northern coast collect the small velvet swimming crabs used in this recipe, which lend it a fine grain and distinct yet delicate, briny flavour.

This soup is ready to eat. Simply heat on a low to medium setting, without boiling. Serve piping hot, on its own or accompanied by croutons, cream, grated cheese and/or rouille. This soup has been traditionally prepared using natural ingredients.

Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days.

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Product Description

French name:  Soupe de poissons aux Etrilles

Use-by date: 3 years
Water, fish 16% (red gurnard, cod, conger eel or else depending on the catch), velvet crab 14% (shellfish), tomato, onion, leek, garlic, tomato concentrate, olive oil, Millac sea salt, cider brandy, chili pepper, pepper, fennel.

Energy 220 KJ / 52 Kcal ; Fat 2,4g among which saturated fats 0,5g ; glucids 1,8g among which sugar 0,8g ; proteins 5,9g ; salt 0,66g.