268.00 $

For end of year celebrations deliveries only (Dec 22nd and Dec 29th), , you can order this product per 2 pieces.


Product Description

We propose you those delicious seafood platters, ideal for any party and perfect for junk boats!

Each plate ready to eat  is composed of:

  • 1 or 2  pre-cracked Brown Crab claws cooked
  •  100g of cooked Whelks
  •  8 Pink Shrimps cooked
  •  50g of Grey Shrimps cooked

They are packed per lot of 6 pieces of 355g (total weight 2.13Kg).

1 Plate is enough for a main dish for 1 person or a starter for 2 people.

The eat-by-date is 3-4 days.