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Red Mullet with tomato rougail rillettes

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M&C Asia invites you to discover the Atelier du CuisinierCrab, wakame and oriental condiments  Rillettes, a premium product.

whelk is a shell that lives buried in sandy bottoms and mud, which explains the power of its aromas. For this paté, L’Atelier du Cuisinier added herbs and nasturtiums.

To be served chilled. Ideal as an appetizer with fresh bread (baguette) and according to your taste with sliced lemon.  A classic of the French “Appero”.

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Red Mullet with tomato rougail , jar of 80g.

Ingredients :
cream, barbet red mullet 31%, grondin red mullet 15%, tomato rougail 13% (ginger, lemon, onion, garlic, chili, thyme), salt from Millac, seaweed (agar agar, dulse), pepper.

Use-by date: 2 years

French Name: Rouget à la rougail de tomates