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“Langoustines” (Norway Lobsters 挪威龍蝦 ) are orangey-pink saltwater crustaceans that look like very small lobsters, or large crayfish. They can grow up to 9 inches long (25 cm.)

They are considered as one of the top seafood by connoisseurs. One of the nicest way to cook Langoustines is one of the simplest : split them in half, brush with melted butter, and pop them under the grill/broiler.”

It is better gut them. Find the middle segment of the tail and fold it backwards; break it and pull away from the body – the gut should come away with it. Due to their fragile nature, this product need to be cooked very quickly after receiving (same day or the following one). After, they might oxidise and become black, or get a bad smell.




The size corresponds to the number of langoustines per kilo.

For example, with 1 Kilo of langoustines 16/20, you will get between 16 and 20 pieces, which mean an approximative weight of 55g per pieces.

The number of langoustines per kilo is an approximation and could slighty vary due to our supplier product availibility. In this case, we would always focus on the weight rather than on the number of langoustines. If you need an exact number of item, please let us now so we would manage to focus on this variable.

Product Features: Fresh
French Name: Langoustines fraiches (Nephrops norvegicus)

 How to prepare langoustines in 3 different ways