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Monkfish Liver Rillettes

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M&C Asia invites you to discover the Atelier du Cuisinier Monkfish Liver Rillettes, a premium product.

The Monkfish Liver is large, has a fine pink color that has the appearance and texture of the foie gras. Its flavor is close from the sardine but with a stronger note of iodine. The monkfish liver this time was cooked with a little lemon juice and Guérande sea salt giving it a touch of originality but respecting its authentic flavor.

To be served chilled. Ideal as an appetizer with fresh bread (baguette) and according to your taste with sliced lemon.  A classic of the French “Appero”.

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Monkfish liver with lemon and Guérande salt , without preservative, jar of 80g.

Ingredients :
Monkfish liver 95,5%, lemon 2,3%, sel from Guérande 1,3%, pepper, seaweed (agar agar).Use-by date: 3 years

French Name: Foie de lotte au citron et sel de guérance