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Scallop velouté

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The flesh of the Pecten Maximus scallop fished off the Breton shores has a delicate taste with sweet notes. They have been cooked with a good dose of fresh tomatoes to give it more acidity and add a few dollops of cream for an harmonious, perfectly rounded blend of flavours.


Preparation: This soup is ready to eat. Simply heat on a low to medium setting, without boiling. Serve piping hot, on its own or accompanied by croutons, cream, grated cheese and/or rouille. This soup has been traditionally prepared using natural ingredients.>

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Use-by date: 3 years

French name:  Soupe de poissons aux St Jacques

Ingredients: Water,tomato, scallop**, cream, fish, onion, white wine*, mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, Millac sea salt, pepper, thyme, bay.
*white wine contains sulphites
**Pecten Maximus