Scallops with Cider Brandy Rillettes

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M&C Asia invites you to discover the Atelier du Cuisinier Scallops Rillette, a premium product.

The scallops caught in the bay of St Brieuc, do not have coral. With a slightly sweet taste, it is cooked with a dash of cider brandy which gives it a touch of originality but respects its authentic flavor.

To be served chilled. Ideal as an appetizer with fresh bread (baguette) and according to your taste with sliced lemon.  A classic of the French “Appero”.

Use-by date: 3 years

French Name: Saint-Jacques à la Fine Bretagne

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Scallops Brittany Style, without preservative, jar of 80g.


Ingrédients: cream, noix de Saint-Jacques* 28%, tacaud, vin blanc**, oignon, champignon, sel de Millac, eau de vie de cidre 1%, beurre, ailsel de Millac, citron, algue (agaragar, dulse, nori, laitue de mer), persil, laurier, piment.

*Pecten maximus origine france

**The white wine contains sulphites.


L’Atelier du cuisinier is a French label of upscale spreads.

All the team of l’Atelier du Cuisinier has made up his mind to share with you the original flavors and to invite you to a gastronomic journey around the fish and shellfish.

These are cooked using only natural products without additives or preservatives. Discover without waiting authentic traditional recipes from Breton Regional Heritage.