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Whelk with herbs and nasturtium

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M&C Asia invites you to discover the Atelier du Cuisinier Limpet with Celtic Whisky  Rillettes, a premium product.

Limpets are shellfish with firm flesh, that should be softened beforehand by hitting them. They are eaten grilled, stewed, or raw on the beach!

For this paté, limpets were married to a Peaty Whisky and marked with a touch of garlic. These rillettes are undoubtedly those whose flavor is most pronounced in the mouth.

To be served chilled. Ideal as an appetizer with fresh bread (baguette) and according to your taste with sliced lemon.  A classic of the French “Appero”.

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Whelk with herbs and nasturtium , without preservative, jar of 80g.

Ingredients :
cream, whelk 29%, haddock, nasturtium 4%, salt from Millac, vinegar, seaweed (agar agar, wakame), pepper, herbs 0,03% (coriander, thyme, laurel)

Use-by date: 2 years

French Name:Bulot aux aromates et capucines