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About Us

M&C Asia

M&C ASIA is the result of a 10 years friendship between Morgan Cousin and César De Sainte Maresville and their common passion for gastronomy. Founded in 2009, the company established itself as a major player in importation and distribution of premium Seafood in Hong Kong and Macau.

Our vision

We are modern and responsible fishmongers. We source the best and the freshest seafood from local ports on the French Atlantic coast . We also work with other countries to provide you the best from the sea in a sustainable way. Prepared per seafood experts, brought to your kitchen door in the fastest way. 


We only works on order basis. We deal in direct with small fishmongers in France who select for us the best of the sea. We receive jet-fresh shipments 3 times a week and deliver them to you by temperature controlled trucks. It guarantees you the freshest and the safest product quality.


We source the best from the sea, from common fish like Alantic Cod to very rare ones like French Abalone. We are happy to advice you to try less common species under-utilised or economical to give a little touch of new to your menu and surprise your customers.


We are a multi-cultural team. We respect and promote differences in our daily work. We try to create the best working conditions at the office in order to provide the best customer service for our clients.

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