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Artisanal fishing

We mostly offer wild seafood from French Atlantic coast, sourced from artisanal fishing. We only import on order basis and don’t carry any stock. We work in direct with small fisheries in France, in Brittany. We have a 100% traceability thanks to that, from the boat to the final customer.

Artisanal fishing is defined by NGOs as small scale, coastal and human level fishing using sustainable essentially static techniques (nets, pots, lines) having a little or no impact on natural ressources. Moreover, the small scale of these vessels make them dependant on healthy marine ecosytem which they stire to maintain by changing fishing zones and species throughout the year in order to preserve stocks.

What makes our products sustainable are the following criteria:

– The type of vessel: we only buy from SMALL BOATS who practice INSHORE fishing
– The fishing techniques: line caught and net caught with minimum mesh sizes to limit the catch to the correct size (no juveniles ensuring proper renewal of stock) & limits BY-CATCH
– The respect of the TAC (total allowable catch) and QUOTAS set by the European Union to control the wild fish stock in a sustainable manner (these are based on in depth scientific studies by bodies such as ICES – International council for Exploration of the Sea and STECF – Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries)
– The respect of closed areas for seasons (for example wild seabass during the reproductive period)

All our wild fish actually comes from small inshore fishing vessels which respect de rules and quotas set by the European Union.