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Since its creation, M&C Asia have always focused on providing the best products to the Hong Kong culinary scene. We are sourcing the finest seafood to meet the requirements of the best chefs in town. Our range is used in Michelin star restaurants and fine dining places in Hong Kong and Macau. We have built a strong relationship with the major places and keep on trying to bring the best to the ocean to the local tables. Our customers are Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, production kitchens, private kitchens.

Our Process


You send your order


We source the products directly from our partners


Only passengers flights are used for environmental concerns


We deliver you the same day or the day after


We provide a large range of seafood sourced all around the world.


We are able to trace the journey of your seafood from the ocean to your plate thanks to our short logistic chain . From the boat, fishing zone, fishing ports, fishing tehniques, we have a fully transparent scheme which guanrantee the origin and integrity of our products.


We source our products from suppliers we trust. We provide products which has been fished or farmed in respect of enviroment, human rights and encourage best practices among all our logistic chain.


Get in touch with us and one of our dedicated sale representative will get in contact with you.

Permit number: 0318802295
Online Sale of Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Shell Fish via website www.mnc-asia.com

Permit number: 0318802277
Online Sale of Prepackaged Oysters to be Eaten in Raw State via website www.mnc-asia.com

Permit number: 0318802286
Online Sale of Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Fish via website www.mnc-asia.com