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How it works

M&C Asia, Wholesale Seafood importer and distributor proposers you its Online fish shop offering fresh, seasonal and locally sourced in France seafood products. We are working in direct with fish merchants who chose for us the best products at the fish auction houses in Brittany, Vendée for the most part. All are wild products are carefully selected with the same standards than the one we apply for Michelin stars restaurants.

We never have stock, that is why we ask all our customers to pre-order their products about 3 days in advance to let us time to source them and bring them to Hong Kong, even if there is only 48 hours between the packing and the delivery to Hong Kong. We receive shipment every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. ALl our products come fresh and are suitable to be frozen excepted if clearly mentioned on the product page.

You can easily order online following our order schedule below.


How it works


You place an order


We source directly the products from our partners


Goods are packed and sent to Paris CDG


Only passengers flights are used for environmental concerns


We receive your order


We deliver you the same day or the day after


You can come pick up your order at our office located in Kennedy Town


We deliver you the same day or the day after


We deliver you the same day or the day after

Where we deliver?

We deliver in Hong Kong island,Kowloon, New Territories and Discovery Bay.

We don’t deliver Outlying Islands.

How to order?

      1.  Select the products you need and add them to your basket
      2. Confirm your order (you can create an account at the same time) and indicate which day you would like to receive the good according to your order schedule
      3. Pay by Credit Card or by Bank transfer
      4. Product will be send directly to your place or you can come to pick them up in our Kennedy Town office

When can I be delivered and what is the order deadline?

You can chose between being receive your order at home or come to pick-up in our warehouse in Kennedy Town.

Pick-up is possible on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Arrival day Delivery Pick up Order Deadline
Monday Afternoon Afternoon Previous Thursday before 3pm
Tuesday Morning/ Afternoon Morning/ Afternoon Previous Thursday before 3pm
Wednesday NO NO NO
Thursday Afternoon Afternoon Monday before 3 pm
Friday Morning/ Afternoon Morning/ Afternoon Monday before 3pm
Saturday NO NO NO
Sunday NO NO NO

Example: If you place your order on Wednesday morning, you can select to receive it on Monday afternoon the earliest.

What is the minimum amount and the delivery fees?

We ask a minimum order of $350 for any order.
You can see below the fees regarding your delivery location area.

ZONE 1: HK Island & Kowloon

FREE delivery for order above $1000

$90 fee for orders below $1000

Zone 2: New Territories

FREE delivery for order above $2000

$100 fee for orders between $1000 and $2000

$200 fee for orders below $1000

Zone 3: Discovery Bay

FREE delivery for order above $2000

$150 fee for orders below $2000

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes /
Wednesday No No No
Thursday No No /
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday Yes Yes No
Sunday No No No

Check our terms and conditions for more information about delivery and minimum order.

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